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Cloudian Inc.

"We are an ERP Implementation Services Provider focused on delivering successful Acumatica projects for mid-sized and large corporations in Southeast Asia.

Our vision of becoming an elite cloud ERP services provider to international clientele drives us to be the best in our field while focusing on what truly matters to our clients – an ERP that adds value to their business.

With proven experience in implementing Acumatica ERP remotely, our clients have realized the huge benefits of using modern-day, cloud-based communications technology helping them to attain cloud adoption faster, work on the ERP project more efficiently and effectively and gain cost reduction from consultant costs and time wastage. This is digital transformation in action!

With uncompromising focus on quality, our implementation and support teams set high standards when working on prjects and when dealing with client project teams.


A quality ERP implementation is no accident but a result of clear goals, sincere effort, intelligent planning and skillful execution. We are bold enough to hold our clients to the same standards to ensure success.


An ERP is a long-term investment for any company and we view every project we engage from that perspective.


We are your true partner in ERP implementation.

We are your ERP Team in the cloud!"



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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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