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Cloudian Global Presents at the first ever CFO Virtual Summit

Last week, the Cloudian Global team along with hundreds of companies, finance executives, as well as other business professionals, assembled virtually to bring to life the first CFO Virtual Summit in the history of the Philippines. The CFO Virtual Summit 2020 was 2-day exclusive event successfully hosted on the web on November 19 and 20, 2020.

The CFO Virtual Summit’s title was Leading into The Future of Change and Digital Economy. This translated into a 5-point agenda focused on igniting discussions revolving around fast growing technologies and its effect on businesses from a top-level financial perspective.

Cloudian Global, being a major sponsor of CFO Summit 2020, presented a 22-minute keynote on day 1 of the event and moderated a panel discussion on day 2 – both activities conducted by the company’s Managing Director, Rich Quin.

Cloudian’s keynote titled, Digital Transformation: What it Takes to be a 21st Century Company, delved deep into the growth and effect of technological advancements all over the world. Before and after types of scenarios showed digital transformation milestones in multiple industries including hospitality and hotels. The full presentation can be watched on Cloudian’s YouTube channel.

Rich Quin also moderated the panel discussion titled The Skills and Strategy for the Digital Finance Function. Among the panelists were Paymongo CFO, Jay Olos; Alstra CFO, Ritchie Arceo; and, Redhat VP Global Finance, Shankha Sen.

The CFO Virtual Summit 2020 was held back multiple times. The first being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the second by typhoon Ulysses. Despite all of this, the team behind braved through and at the end of it all the event came to close on a positive note.

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