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The People Have Spoken: Acumatica Keeps Leading on G2

Written by: Kim Plank

When someone is given an award, it signifies that he or she has done something worth lauding. Some of the most well-known awards include the Nobel Prize (awarded in chemistry, physics, literature, medicine, economics, and peace); the Pulitzer Prize (awarded in journalism, literature, and musical composition); and the Academy Awards (awarded to actors, directors, producers, and film professionals).

Though not quite as well-known, the quarterly awards given by G2, the leading business solution review platform, are just as exciting to software users, buyers, investors, and industry analysts. The excitement is due in part to the fact that G2 doesn’t rely on a panel of judges to determine rankings. Instead, G2’s awards are like the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ of the software world: They’re based on actual user reviews, and we’re honored that our users continue to name Acumatica cloud ERP a Leader.

Acumatica’s G2 momentum

“Over the 10+ years we’ve been in the cloud ERP space, we’ve upheld our core beliefs of putting customer satisfaction and innovation first,” writes Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill in a post about protecting Acumatica customers from unscrupulous cloud business practices.

Acumatica’s passionate advocacy for customers has resulted in an industry-shaking Customer Bill of Rights. The rights include an easy-to-understand End User License Agreement (EULA); ERP implementations without hidden fees; growth-enhancing, consumption-based licensing; and seven more. Acumatica also provides bi-annual releases, advancing and enhancing our cloud-based ERP solution based on our customers’ feedback.

G2 reviewer Tom M. says, “Acumatica listens to the needs of their customers and makes an effort to address those concerns in upcoming releases.”

Without a doubt, our customer-and-innovation-first attitude has contributed to our continuing status as a leader in the mid-market. For example, in 2018, Acumatica topped the G2 report for User Satisfaction. We led in 16 of 26 accounting product software categories, putting us ahead of three established competitors.

In 2019, G2’s User Satisfaction Ratings report found that Acumatica’s cloud ERP software outranked Microsoft Dynamics, overtook Sage Intacct, and swept NetSuite in seven categories, which included Ease of Doing Business With, Ease of Use, Quality of Support, Meets Requirements, Ease of Admin, Ease of Setup, and Is the Product Headed in the Right Direction.

And, in 2020, we’re maintaining our G2 momentum with seven more badges awarded for the Summer 2020 quarter.

Acumatica’s G2 Summer 2020 badges

G2’s use of real user reviews combined with data they’ve pulled from online sources and social networks is arguably one of the best ways to determine how well a vendor and product is performing. The Acumatica team couldn’t be more pleased that our efforts have been seen and felt by our users, and we’re excited to share the badges we were awarded.

1. Leader: Grid® Report for ERP Systems, Summer 2020

Out of 51 ERP systems, Acumatica was named a Leader, placing us firmly in the top right corner of the four-quadrant grid. According to G2, we received a high Customer Satisfaction score and a have a large Market Presence.

2. Momentum Leader: Momentum Grid Report for ERP Systems, Summer 2020

Our employee, review, social, and web growth contributed to our Momentum Score of 68. Combined with our Satisfaction Score of 94, we earned a Momentum Grid Score of 77, making us number one out of 43 competing ERP systems.

3. Best Usability: The Top 14 Easiest To Use Distribution ERP Software

Ensuring the highest ERP usability and functionality fits hand in glove with our goal of satisfying our customers at every level. Acumatica secured the top spot for usability in distribution ERP software with a Usability Score of 8.5.

4. Best Relationship: The Top 18 Distribution ERP Software

Out of three Satisfaction categories (Ease of Use, Meets Requirements, and Ease of Doing Business With) and three Setup and Support categories (Ease of Setup, Quality of Support, and Ease of Admin), Acumatica reigned as the number one distribution ERP software with a score of 92.

5. Leader: Mid-Market Grid Report for ERP Systems, Summer 2020

Acumatica was named a Leader in mid-market ERP systems. The unbiased user reviews show that 86% of users were likely to recommend Acumatica and 89% said the product was going in the right direction.

6. Leader: Enterprise Grid Report for ERP Systems, Summer 2020

In the Enterprise ERP System G2 grid, Acumatica’s Satisfaction Ratings were top notch, including the highest Ease of Use at 92% and the second highest Net Promoter Score (NPS).

7. Users Love Us

With over 92% of Acumatica’s 291 reviews giving us four or five stars, it’s safe to say that our users love us…and we have the badge to prove it.

What Acumatica cloud ERP is all about

Here at Acumatica, we can’t wait to see what the next years (and decades) have in store for us. While nothing in life is guaranteed, we’re pretty confident that we’ll still be working hard to ensure that current and potential Acumatica customers are highly satisfied with our innovative and award-winning cloud ERP solution.

If you’d like to learn more about Acumatica, check out our Acumatica user reviews. You can also contact our experts with any questions and to schedule a demonstration.

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