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Small Business Edition

A Modern ERP for SME's in the Philippines.

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Local Bakery

One complete package to run your small business: 

Is your company…

- a small business or start-up that is growing at a fast pace?

- still using a simple accounting system or worse on manual mode?

- looking to improve business processes, better manage financials and become crisis-proof?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Acumatica Cloud ERP Small Business Edition (SBE) is the solution that your business needs.  It’s modern, easy-to-use and fast to deploy.

Why Acumatica for Your Service Business?

  • Core Financials

  • Order Management

  • Inventory Control

  • Acumatica SaaS Service (50 GB data storage, 24/7 access, backup, and disaster recovery services)

  • 100+ business reports

  • Dashboard and Business Intelligence

  • Professional Support from Cloudian (consultation, implementation, and technical support)

  • Access to Acumatica knowledge base and user community

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Financial Analyst

Benefits for SMEs

  • Work Efficiently

  • Control Project Costs

  • Improve Customer Service

  • Companywide Visibility

General Features

Finance & Accounting

Order Management

Inventory Management



for full list of features contact us

Implementation Options



11 FTC

Retail Marketing Solutions

"Cloudian, being the service provider & vendor of Acumatica ERP, went the extra mile of determining our company's specific needs. Particularly useful are the Discovery Sessions" for about a month wherein they keenly studied the nuances and intricacies of our company's operations. This exercise was profoundly helpful in configuring Acumatica in 11-FTC." 



Dindo Velasquez, Chief Financial Officer

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